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A couple hug and look at a beautiful sunset over the ocean. They have been getting sex therapy at ogden center for change

Sex Therapy

At Ogden Center for Change

We believe sexuality is an integral part of the health and beauty of an individual.

At times sexuality can be negatively impacted along our journey in multiple ways. This can come when previous sexual experiences result in loss of dignity or shame. Healthy sexuality can be hindered by messages in our culture, society, religion, and family of origin. Sexuality is also an ever changing experience over the life course, from adolescence, young adulthood, middle age years to older adults due to biological changes and emotional maturation.


At the Ogden Center for Change, Dr. David Johnson strives to provide individualized care for anyone who would like to improve their overall sexual wellness and functioning. Dr. Johnson will only utilize therapeutic theories and techniques that are informed by best practice models and research in sex therapy (e.g. sensate focus, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy).

A man and woman couple hug near a lake in the fall. They have been seeking sex therapy at Ogden Center for Change
A couple holds hands while getting sex therapy at Ogden Center for Change

Areas treated:

  • low sexual desire

  • sexual arousal and orgasm difficulties

  • sexual pain like vaginismus

  • erectile dysfunction

  • early (premature) ejaculation and delayed ejaculation

  • couples with differing sexual desire

  • out of control sexual behavior (OCSB)

Who can attend?

Sex therapy can take place with individual clients or with members of a romantic/sexual relationship.
A man with glasses is discussing sex therapy at Ogden Center for Change in Utah
A young heterosexual couple embrace and smile during sex therapy at Ogden Center for Change in Ogden Utah
A same sex couple look at a tablet while getting sex therapy at Ogden Center for Change in Ogden Utah
Dr. David Johnson stands and smiles, he is Ogden Utah's premier sex therapist. PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Who is your provider? 

Dr. David Johnson is a licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience treating complex mental health diagnoses in adults and couples. He has a specialization in the treatment of childhood or adult sexual trauma, through a post-doctoral residency at the National Center for PTSD.


Dr. Johnson is dedicated to promoting hope for individuals and couples who have suffered from sexual health challenges.

A clipboard showing goals. Goals are important to obtain sexual welness at ogden center for change in ogden Utah

What to expect? 

 Importantly, sex therapy will never contain sexual behaviors within a therapeutic session, nor will your provider ever engage in physical touch. Your therapist will conduct initial assessment sessions in order to understand the complexities of the specific challenge to sexual wellness. At times, referrals to other professionals will aid in this process, including physicians/physical therapists. You can then expect a clear treatment plan to guide the process of wellness and behaviors to practice at home that lead to your personal goals.

Sex therapy is most often conducted on a weekly basis until the client or couple makes progress and can begin a new therapeutic schedule (e.g. every other week). Therapy is typically conducted in-person but can be arranged via video conference if needed.

A woman circles a date on a calendar, she is attending sex therapy on a weekly basis at ogden center for change in ogden Utah
A mixed race couple smile and laughin while conversing outdoors on a hike. They have been getting sex therapy at ogden center for change in ogden Utah

What is the cost?

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Sex therapy treats conditions that are not covered by health insurance plans. However, in some circumstances sex therapy will be covered by your health insurance plan if the underlying issues are related to a covered mental health diagnosis. The private pay rate is $200/session with sessions lasting 50-55 minutes.

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