The Ogden Center for Change is proud to offer a safe and caring place for you to explore changes in your life. Change can be an intimidating process but we aim to walk alongside you in this journey.


Our clinicians are skilled in evidence-based treatments, which means you can be rest assured that the therapy we provide has research support for its usefulness in your life's challenges. We look forward to entering into a professional caring relationship and providing you the highest quality treatment. 

Our Team

Family therapy
Our Mission

To provide psychological services for you and your family that are based on the latest science and research to help you confidently move towards the person you want to become. 

David Johnson, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Katie Johnson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Johnson graduated with his PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2010 and has experience working in Veterans Affairs Healthcare, community mental health, wilderness and residential therapy. 

David primarily works with adults and has expertise in the treatment of trauma and specifically PTSD. He also provides evidence-based treatment of anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders. Finally, he enjoys working with couples to see partners grow closer to each other. 

Katie Johnson has a Master's Degree in Social Work and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2009. She has extensive experience working with children and families surrounding issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, behavioral and relationship issues.


Katie has worked with numerous teenagers on issues of identity, self esteem and interpersonal relationships. She also has experience working with adults experiencing anxiety and depression as well as relationship issues and parenting concerns.  

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Barrett Wilson, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Barrett Wilson earned his Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy in 2010. He is licensed in both Utah and Tennessee and provides services exclusively through teletherapy (secure video conferencing into a client's home). 


Barrett's career has extended through foster care support, wilderness and residential treatment centers, parent coaching, mentoring, as well as individual, family, and couples therapy. Barrett's focus begins with understanding his client's strengths, struggles, connections, and identity. From there, he helps clients recover from anxiety, depression, couples communication challenges, family system and parenting problems, substance abuse, attachment and trauma-related issues. 

Kevin White, CMHC

Clinical Mental Health Counselor  

Kevin White earned a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2016. He has experience working with individuals, families, and groups in a residential setting, treating substance use, and co-occurring mental health disorders. In addition, he has several years of experience working with individuals in an outpatient setting.


Kevin's areas of focus include depression, anxiety, ruptured family dynamics, trauma/loss, attachment, and addiction. He takes a humanistic, evidence-based approach to therapy, and employs therapeutic modalities including CBT, CPT, ACT, EMDR, Psychodrama, and Rogerian Therapy.

Myles Hustad
Marriage, Couples, & Family  Counseling Intern  

Myles Hustad has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and is in the final year of his Master’s Degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling. 

When Myles was in school to become an engineer, he found out he was going blind. After completing his Engineering degree, he realized he would have to find a new career if he wanted to work while disabled. As a result of his desire to help others he began pursuing education as a counselor and has a skill in recognizing underlining patterns in life stories. Because of his own experience with disability, Myles has a passion for helping others cope with loss and find hope. Furthermore, he believes in the deep importance of improving relationships for the sake of healthy couples, families, and even individuals.